We assist companies in making or saving money
We do this by ensuring that your core processes are executable, stable and capable, so that you get satisfied customers, happy employees and achieve optimal profit and liquidity.

We place great demands on both ourselves and our customers, and in return we promise great results.


Consulting services

LSV Group specializes in making business strategies come true by optimizing processes, implementing, implementing and directing changes based on the LEAN Six Sigma Toolbox.

Process optimization project process with LSV Group

When you work with a consultant from LSV Group, it’s not just about theory, but in particular about translating the theory into operational actions.

The collaboration with the consultant from LSV Group has been really good. The consultant was been able to be part of our everyday life in such a way that it seemed completely natural. A super good collaboration that has been valuable me as the sparring gave me a different business perspective.

The results are better than the goals that were set!

Charlotte Brems Skøde, Senior Manager, on the collaboration with LSV Group’s consultants

Business Process Management System intends to identify the most critical X’s in a process and then setting the X correctly and without the possibility of making mistakes after the changes have been implemented.

LSV Group assists the Executive Board with conducting strategy meetings in order to establish future direction compatible with market trends and the company’s capacity.

Changes are basically always a bit scary for the involved parties and might start some resistance. I you want succes with your changes then we always recommend to work with change management.

We specialize in making business strategies come true, and work at the strategic level with goals set by the Executive Board.

In order to achieve long-term results for our customers, we always tailor our solutions so they are compatible with business.

LEAN Six Sigma konsulentrådgivning

Ikano Bank strives to reach several future goals by first and foremost ensuring that our organizational structure, employee competencies and that the process execution deliver value to our partners and customers, while we meet the financial and business requirements. Throughout this journey, the LSV Group has been – and still is – an important partner.

In our eyes, LSV Group’s workflows and techniques are professional and very tangible. It has been a pleasure to experience such great loyalty to uncompromising quality, a sincere devotion to achieving results, while constantly focusing on our business as a multi-functional entity.

I would without hesitation recommend a collaboration with LSV Group to any company that has a genuine desire to optimize their business.

– Jesper F. Schmidt, Country Manager on the collaboration with LSV Group’s consultants

Teambuilding og -learning

When you link teambuilding and learning together, the learning is anchored even better!

LEAN Workout is a quick fix that lasts, and that can optimize your processes with at least 20%. The goal is great returns with little effort, and together with our LEAN consultants, we find the waste in processes that do not increase the customer experience.