Process optimization with LEAN Six Sigma

Therefore, LEGO, Novo and 80 of all Fortune 100 companies earn so much money.

Are you ready for the New Normal?

Most organizations face a reality that looks very different from what it did before the Corona crisis hit us – and now we need to work within the new normal.
There are a lot of new questions that organizations and the c-level management need to address.

How will you restart your organization?
What do you need to address with regard to the processes and terms that have changed – maybe forever?
How will you secure the best possible start of the new reality for customers and employees?
Risk management and Process Control is essential…
It is really not rocket science.

Learn LEAN Six Sigma with an online course

We offer highly flexible LEAN Six Sigma e-Learning Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt courses targeting those who want to be able to manage times and time spent in the studio themselves. You may have a busy life and a budding career, but still lack the knowledge of the most publicized optimization universe. Now you have the opportunity without you having to squeeze it in between other important tasks you have during working hours.
lean six sigma Yellow-belt

Yellow Belt LEAN Six Sigma

Basic Tutorial in method and model concepts within LEAN Six Sigma, where the Define, Measure and Control phases (from the DMAIC model) are in focus.

Green Belt LEAN Six Sigma

Tutorial that provides in-depth knowledge of project execution after DMAIC. There is a practical focus as well as tasks in statistics and methodology.

Black Belt LEAN Six Sigma

In-depth self-study in LEAN Six Sigma's quality work. Theory and mathematical principles are reviewed and must be verified by the student himself.

What we offer

Consultant & Consultancy

LSV Group specializes in getting business strategies to come true by optimizing processes, implementing, implementing and directing changes based on the LEAN Six Sigma Toolbox.


Teaching & E-Learning

LSV Group offers a number of educations within LEAN Six Sigma, including Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt. All our educations are IASSASSIN-certified and you can be assured that you will get the highest quality.

LSV Group and LEAN Six Sigma

LSV Group specializes in consultancy and training in process optimization. Combining the philosophy behind LEAN and Six Sigma, the LSV Group advocates an optimization concept that maximises productivity, profitability and growth – by reducing errors, time and waste in a process.

Customer case: How we help Saxo Bank

Are you curious about how the LSV Group works with our Green Belt training? Here is an example of how we together with Saxo Bank have built an internationally LEAN Six Sigma working environment, from which we help educate international Green Belt students.

"Now we can meet the challenges we face in everyday life. Implementation of Six Sigma. "

Kasper Ryt
Analyst, Bane Denmark

"The training lifted the competencies and created an overview of processes that facilitate the dissemination of insights."

Rasmus Nielsen
Analysis Manager, COOP

"In relation to the results and expected goals of the project, the results are better than the targets set."

Charlotte Brems
Customer Care Manager, NETS

"Education at LSV Group provides high-level learning, enabling conversion from theory to bottom line!"

Martin Oxager Bonefeld
Director, Continuous Improvements

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