About LSV Group A/S

LSV Group is a consultancy company that helps companies optimize customer satisfaction and processes as well as operate their business with the aim of generating bottom-line growth.

Who is LSV Group

LSV Group stands for LEAN Six Sigma Vision Group, and as the name implies, we use the management tools LEAN and Six Sigma, which we have joined to one concept to make sure to create even more value for our customers.

Our primary task to create solid results. Our vision is to help our customers achieve their visions and goals.

When Kathrine Rohde started the company, she had already had LEAN Six Sigma running in her veins through traveling the world for General Electric. She implemented Six Sigma’s heavy management control system (BPMS – Business Process Management System) – The entire method for customer-oriented management of operations.

GE is known to have started Six Sigma culture all over the world.

LSV Group aims to continue delivering the best quality in the market. We are practitioners with hands-on practice and we have experienced a myriad of managerial challenges on their own body. This experience combined with our LEAN Six Sigma knowledge gives us solid tools to solve our customers’ challenges.

Facts about LSV Group

  • Katrine Rohde founded the LSV Group in 2006 after a long career at GE.
  • In 2007, LSV group CEO Katrine Rohde was appointed among Top 100 talents in Denmark in the directors of Berlingske Business magazine, and in 2009 Katrine was awarded the title of the second-best director of Junior Chamber International (JCI).
  • Katrine Rohde has a number of consultants employed in the LSV Group, one of which, Kion Schmeltzer, is a partner in the company and is responsible for teaching, lectures and events.
  • LSV Group uses the management tools LEAN and Six Sigma, which are merged into a concept. The company offers consultancy services, training and e-learning studio packages.
  • LSV Group has received 6 Tripple A-accreditations from Bisnode (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) and three growth prizes (2013, 2014, 2015).

What we offer

LSV Group has two core areas: consultancy services and training. We offer educations and E-courses. LSV Group is accredited and certified by The International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and People Cert Group.

Over the years, LSV Group has worked with over 100 large and medium-sized Danish, Swedish and Norwegian companies. LSV Group is driven according to the principles they recommend, resulting in 5 Tripple A-accreditations from Bisnode and three growth prizes.