LEAN Six Sigma Pocket Guides

Refresh LEAN Six Sigma methodology or use it as a reference work. These Pocket Guides contain everything you need for an educational and easy review of the LEAN Six Sigma universe.

LEAN Six Sigma Pocket Guides

Now you no longer need to worry about your control chart. With LSV Group’s LEAN Six Sigma Pocket Guides, you can easily and quickly get an overview of charts, tables, theories and methodology.

Our pocket guides are made in a small, practical size, so you can bring the LEAN Six Sigma with you. With the LSV Groups Pocket guides, you don’t have to carry around heavy theory books.

The small books are available for Yellow, Green or Black Belt level. They have everything you need if you need to refresh or look up new LEAN Six Sigma concepts. They also contain manageable tables and pedagogical descriptions of theories from the LEAN Six Sigma universe.

The Pocket Guide is in English and is intended for personal use as a supplement to the LEAN Six Sigma tutorial and/or as a reference guide and research work.

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Yellow Belt DKK 299,- excl VAT
(DKK 373,75 incl. VAT)
Green Belt DKK 349,- excl VAT
(DKK 436,25 incl. VAT)
Black Belt DKK 399,- excl VAT
(DKK 498,75 incl. VAT)

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