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LSVgroup - Kopi

1. Process


Executing customer inquiries based on customer satisfaction measurement – NPS – Net Promoter Score

2. Task


Providing satisfying customer service. Find an explanation for why the company’s customers are so dissatisfied with the services provided.

3. Objectives


Optimizing NPS from -45 to + 25

4. Reasoning

  • 4 different contact channels (mail, mm.)
  • Inflexible customer service – lack of help from the company if the customer had not selected the correct channel
  • Nontransparent processes
  • Lack of customer understanding

5. Solution

  • Identify and optimize the 40 most critical “touchpoints” so it became much more customer-friendly
  • For each touchpoint, a project was carried out where employees were responsible for their own deliveries afterwards – NPS sub-target responsible
  • Consultancy support and sparring
  • Training of employees in data, value, customer and process tools (from LEAN Six Sigma Toolbox)
  • Goals and LEAN boards implementation
  • Preparation of corporate culture “customer in focus – the process at the center”

6. Result

  • NPS has been improved from -45 to + 18 over 16 months and is still increasing
  • In addition to moving the company’s NPS from -45 to + 18, the company also experienced that LSV Group with their presence gave the organization a common future culture.

7. What did LSV Group provide the customer with?

  • The company got better at measuring
  • They learned a new method – which worked
  • A good common process tool
  • A mindset in which the company was structurally focused
  • Common ground and a 360-degree focus
  • Data discipline
  • Good support and guidance

8. Side effects for the project

  • Better offers are now being developed for the customer
  • There is a greater level of cooperation and good atmosphere
  • The company has become better at process and to ensure quality
  • They have found that together, they are best

9. What the customer said about the choice of provider


LSV Group was a good choice, they were competent to teach, guide and implement the project.