Personal advising and coaching

Make the most of your DiSC personal profile

Personal advising and coaching

The various reports you receive when you fill out a DiSC profile are so well described that they are now approved to stand alone.

But despite that, it’s always a good idea having an expert to help you track what the report actually shows, and what may be challenging for each individual.

There may also be some things in the report that you would like to take a deep dive into. And maybe you wold like personal advising and coaching on the new insight the report provides.

You will get

  • Choose between online og personal coaching
  • Every session is up to one houe
  • Acces all hours all days between 09.00 og 21.00

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Phone: +45 88 77 60 06

E-mail:  disc@lsvgroup.com


Personal coaching is available at dkr 1.750,- pr session.
All prices are excl. vat.

You can also buy sessions in bulk, and you can use it in the entire company.

3 sessions
5 sessions
10 sessions
20 sessions

dkr. 4.950,-                   
dkr. 7.850,-                   
dkr. 13.950,-
dkr. 24.950,-