DiSC Profile Analysis

Understand why you don’t understand and get understood. Strengthen communication, collaboration and change management with workshops and a DiSC profile. With a DiSC profile, you get a tool for testing and analyzing personal types.

DiSC profile

In order to achieve the objectives of its strategies, it is important to create the best conditions. Here, a DiSC profile can be a solid tool for testing and analysing the types of people to be put together in teams at work.

New measures will often face resistance. This is one of the things we focus on in the LSV Group. Therefore, we introduce the DiSC®, which is a profile analysis and an evidence-based method to understand and recognize the different personality types we have.

With a DiSC profile you can help create the best conditions for communication, collaboration and change management.

Advantages of DiSC profile in companies

  • More unity and teamwork
  • An increased understanding at work
  • Succeed with your goals and strategies
  • Find your or your colleagues ‘ strengths and weaknesses
  • You get the tools to communicate strategically during a change

What we offer

LSV Group offers a certified DiSC consultant to hold lectures, workshops and create personal DiSC profiles.

The DiSC lecture lasts 2 hours with 25 participants and gives you renewed unity and teamwork.

The DiSC Teamwork Shop has a duration of 4 hours with unlimited participants and includes a full DiSC profile for everyone.

DiSC Personal Behavioral profile includes online testing (Duration 20-30 min.) and 1 hour of personal feedback.

The 2.5-hour DiSC Intro course provides insight into different personality types – both who you and others are..

Want to know more about DiSC?

At LSV Group, we work with Everything DiSC analysis to understand and recognize different personality types. With DiSC you can help create the best conditions for communication, collaboration and change management.

If you and your colleagues learn how you can better communicate with each other, it provides both inclusiveness, job satisfaction and efficiency. To learn more about DiSC, contact certified disc expert, Karin Krogh.

Contact Karin Krogh om DiSC

Phone: + 45 88 77 60 06

E-mail: info@lsvgroup.com

Customer Benefits

Thank you for a very inspiring workshop on the subject. Disc. Time flew off, the mini test was sharp and pushed me a little beyond an edge that I got good advice on how to fly up from and on in my development as a leader and human being. Karin is extremely skilled at catching/embracing/including the audience, and I sincerely look forward to reading her book “Expression – Impression-imprint. Strengthen your personal impact “.
Dorte Fris Jensen, Department Manager
Chr. Hansen A/S

I attended Karin Kroghs DISC Workshop on 11 June 2018. Karin is a very inspiring presenter who manages to infect his participants with his great dedication and his in-depth knowledge of the product.
Annemarie Lindstrøm, secretarial officer/Executive Director
Danish Cultural Institute

At The workshop we learned about the tools, to understand and accommodate oneself and colleagues.

We got many tools to identify the different types of DISC profiles and at the same time we learned about communicating and understanding the needs of others.

It was a fun and educational workshop that can be highly recommended to others who want to get to know each other a good start for future collaboration.

Gitte Schrøder Garde, Manager-Project Assistance

This means DiSC

DiSC® Analysis is an analysis tool used to evaluate behavior. The letters D-i-S-C represent the personality traits, behavioral traits or energy factors that characterise four sides, which together make up our entire personality. So we have more or less of every behavior in us.

DiSC helps us recognize the human differences and thereby helps to understand the peoples of our workplace and communicate with them.

D‘ A stands for dominance-seeking behavior. And D-persons are typically direct, result-oriented, powerful, specific and willful.

In‘ one stands for influencing behaviour. The i’s are extrovert, enthusiastic, optimistic, mood-filled and lively.

S‘ A stands for stability seekers, and people with S-traits are typically quiet, fit forward, patient, humble and tactful.

C‘ A stands for competence seekers. C-persons are analytical, reserved, systematic, private and accurate.

This is the purpose of DiSC profile

The DiSC® tools give us a language to explain and manage the diversity we experience among colleagues. When you gain knowledge of either yourself or other DiSC behavioral profiles, you can more easily manage and customize your behavior in relation to your colleagues. This is, for example, very relevant and many time essential if you are faced with a change project where it is important to handle your communication with great care.

This is how when you adjust your behaviour to what you want to achieve, it’s easier for you to create the results you want and to achieve the goals that are important to you. DiSC Profile analysis is an exceptionally good tool for just that.

It is important to note that DiSC profile analysis is not about putting yourself or your colleagues in some good or bad categories. And the system also makes no kind of grades for certain types of behaviour. There is always a focus on how together we can be even better by using ourselves and each other in the best way.

The DiSC takes into account what is your or your colleagues ‘ natural behavior style. That is, the behaviour style, which is usually the most comfortable, requires the smallest amount of energy as well as the smallest amount of concentration. It illustrates the way you or your colleagues usually react.

LSV Group is authorized partner at Everything DiSC®.

This means that the LSV Group has access to the latest knowledge of the DiSC® in the form of new reports, toolkits and other material, and finally there is the possibility of upskilling within the field in the form of courses and conferences.