A personal DiSC profile will highlight your strengths and show  you where you have the opportunity to grow and develop yourself. It will give you a greater understanding about yourself and show you how you can thrive even better with this extended understanding of yourself and others. 

Strengthen the communication, collaboration and bottom line!

The various reports you receive when you fill out a DiSC profile are so well described that they are now approved to stand alone.

But despite that, it’s always a good idea having an expert to help you track what the report actually shows, and what may be challenging for each individual.

There may also be some things in the report that you would like to take a deep dive into. And maybe you wold like personal advising and coaching on the new insight the report provides.

Have a look at the different profiles that we offer


Involve all employees in creating more effective relationships in the workplace.

You will get

  • Deep self-knowledge
  • Understanding of different work styles
  • Strategies for successful interactions

Language and prices

Danish 900,- dkr
English 540,- dkr

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Teach managers how to succeed in involving, motivating and developing their employees.

You will

  • Discover the personal leadership style
  • Get insight into leadership, delegation and motivation
  • Get strategies for long-term development

Language and prices

Danish 900,- dkr
English 900,- dkr

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Teach salespeople to adapt to customer preferences and expectations.

You will

  • Find your personal sales style
  • Be aware of differences among customers
  • Get strategies to adapt the sales approach to customers.

Language and prices

Danish 900,- dkr
English 900,- dkr

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Productive Conflict

Use the inherent power of conflicts to transform destructive behavior into constructive reaction patterns.

You will get

  • Awareness of reaction patterns in conflict situations
  • Knowledge on how different reaction patterns affect each other in conflict situations
  • Steps to change destructive to constructive behavior

Language and prices

Danish 1.080,- dkr
English 729,- dkr

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Work of Leaders

Create effective leaders with the process of vision, alignment and implementation.

You will get

  • A simple and convincing management model
  • Personal insight to harness strengths and overcome challenges
  • A clear path to improvement

Language and prices

Danish 1.260,- dkr
English 900,- dkr

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There is more and it is FREE once you have your profile


The DiSC-experience can be supplemented with our interactive learning portal, which gives participants direct and unlimited access to knowledge about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC in specific work situations.


Comparison reports inspire effective collaboration. In pairs, participants can compare their reports and thus explore similarities, differences and potential challenges in their working relationships and get practical tips for improving collaboration.


This report has no upper limit on the number of participants and provides a quick overview of
the participant group and their Everything DiSC card.


Find the group’s DiSC culture by exploring its pros and cons, the impact on team members, and the implications for decisions and risk-taking.

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