Exclusive Networking and Support days

Free Expert Advice

On the first Wednesday of each month, LSV Group opens the doors for knowledge sharing and competency advice.

Companies that are facing inefficient and costly processes on a daily basis can get inspiration for solutions to these challenges from our consultants and coaches.

Some times the support days are moved to alternate dates. Remember to follow LSV Group on Facebook or LinkedIn where possible. Changes will be announced.

With this initiative, LSV Group wishes to draw attention to the need for all of us to help keep the wheels moving and to help the current economic situation on the way.

The support days will take place in our office first Wednesday of every month.

If you or your organization are interested in a full day of professional feedback and knowledge sharing, then sign up for the next LSV Day – a day when visions and a mutual desire for change are in focus.

To get the best possible feedback on your challenges or problems, we advise you to describe these shortly in the signup process.

This is completely voluntary but will give us the opportunity to prepare ourselves and possibly find examples from similar cases we have worked with, which will help you to quickly find the right solutions.

CEO of LSV Group, Katrine Rohde says

“It is important to be a proven social responsibility as a company. If our free advice can help businesses grow and become more efficient and profitable, and with this freeing up some capital for investments and expansions, we believe it is our responsibility to offer our expertise. “