Power up your Presentations

Lecture or one-on-one teaching where you work with your personal expression. You will gain insight into how you can dissolve the nerse, so that you can let your charisma and your personal expression float freely.

Powerfull Presentations

When working with management and especially change management, it is be a great advantage to be able to deliver messages in a motivating and inspireing way.

Why is it important?
Many companies are underestimating the value of delivering presentations – especially during a change management project – where there always will be a bit of resistance from the employees.

LSV Group always recommend that you, as a manager or key person, actively work with your communication. Whether it is change management or process optimization that is at issue.

There is no doubt that your personal impact and your ability to create will pave your way to success you and your business.

This is the case when you deliver an internal presentation, when you are a speaker at a conferences or a meetings – and when you have one-to-one meetings.

You will get

  • An inspiring and interactive 4 hour workshop
  • Tools to get through with your message
  • Body Language – and knowledge of the signals you send out
  • Tools to succeed with your organization’s strategies and goals

What do we offer?

LSV Group offers you a workshop or one-to-one coaching where you work with your personal expression. You will gain tips and tricks on how to feed your frontal lobes with tools so that your reptile brain dosn’t take over the stage for too long. You will achieve insight on how you can get rid of the nerse, so you can let your charisma and your personal expression flow freely.

With a bit of humor you wil get the explanation of what most of us, completely subconsciously do with our body when we are on stage and what desirable and undesirable, signals our body language gives.

It’s all about how you can give a good impression, so you’re sure to get your message through.

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Price kr. 15,000,- excl. VAT
(DKK 18,750,- incl. VAT)
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Buy one-on-one coaching

Price 5 hours Kr. 8,000,- excl. VAT
(DKK 9,600,- incl. VAT)
Price 3 hours kr. 5,000,- excl. VAT
(DKK 6,000,- incl. VAT)

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