Green to Black Belt

This education is for individuals who have an international certified Green Belt education and wish to elevate the level of process optimization.

Green Belt to Black Belt

This training is for individuals who have an international certified Green Belt education and want to elevate the level of process optimization.

Your role in the organization is to lead and execute larger and complex projects, while mentoring and guiding the company’s Green Belts.

This training gives you an in-depth knowledge of the LEAN Six Sigma DMAIC model as an optimization tool.

At the same time, you become more skilled at managing statistical analysis and getting a greater knowledge of project and change management.

After graduation, you will only work with project optimization. At the same time you will be able to support and supervise Green Belt and Yellow Belt projects.

You will get

  • You will learn to communicate and teach the LEAN Six Sigma terminology and the tools
  • You will learn to coach and support Green Belts and Yellow Belts
  • You will get in-depth knowledge of statistics and mathematics
  • You will learn to understand the underlying theories of LEAN Six Sigma (ANOVA)
    You will be working with DOE (Design of Experiments)

What is included in the price?

  • International accredited Black Belt teaching resource (IASSC)
  • Pre-meetings – securing the value of the chosen project
  • 10 days of training from 9 am to 5 pm (5 modules)
  • SigmaXL license – unlimited access
  • Access to professional study portal
  • Personal coaching regarding specific challenges
  • Monthly support days
  • Oral certification
  • Written exam (IASSC)
  • Full catering during the education

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Educational Structure

5 days >>
5 days


Define possibilities
– What is important?

  • Identify, prioritize and select improvement possibilities 
  • Develop team charter for project
  • Build an effective team identifying and mapping the processes to be improved
  • Identify customers as well as customer needs and requirements


Measure performance level
– What are you doing today?

  • Decide what to measure
  • Control the measurements
  • Understand variation
  • Evaluate the measurement system
  • Mapping the process’s current ability to deliver as customers want. 


Analyze possibilities
– What is wrong

  • Identify potential core issues
  • Use comparative methods
  • Establish and test hypotheses for the identified issues


Improve the performance of the process
– What needs to be done?

  • General Solutions
  • Rank and select the best solution
  • Communicating Solutions
  • Train and implement the final solution


Control the new process
– Is continuing improvement secured?

  • Develop a control plan
  • Implement a monitoring system
  • Evaluate the results of the change
  • Document and test process change
  • Document economical gains


Translate theory to practice
– Test exam

  • Case projekt
  • Review of all the stages through a case project
  • Does the student have lack in the knowledge and what needs improvement
  • test exam
  • Evaluation of the test exam
  • Diploma that proves that the student have completed the theoretical part of the education 

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