Master Black Belt

This training is for individuals that are international certified Black Belts. You already have advanced knowledge and want to reach the highest level of process optimization.

Master Black Belt

The training is for you that must solve some of the most complicated business challenges. You are international Black Belt and have an advanced knowledge and experience within LEAN Six Sigma, as well as you have an in-depth knowledge of the mindsets and culture behind the leadership philosophies.

In your future job, you must be able to prioritize and select optimization and change projects, as well as guiding, teaching and directing Yellow, Green and Black Belt projects.

The Master Black Belt Training has a strong focus on training the student to guide, teach and direct Yellow, Green and Black Belts with their projects.

Tailor-Made for you
This training is built around each student, which is why we make an individual course for the student. Therefore, please contact us at to agree more.

You will get

  • You get a historical understanding of LEAN Six Sigma
  • Great practical experience in relation to project management
  • Extensive experience with the coaching of Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt
  • Great experience in team teaching
  • A track record of a minimum of ten optimization projects, of which a minimum of four projects are made by yourself and up to six projects you have coached

What is included in the price?

  • Startup meeting
  • Coaching and support for 10 delivery tasks
  • 4 supervized Teaching Days
  • 5 x 2 Hour Coaching sessions
  • Theoretical material
  • Sigma XL License
  • Monthly Support Days
  • 5 Hour Practical Exam

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Structure of training

A training course extends over two years, with the student having to devote 500-700 hours.

To ensure the greatest possible success, the student is offered 40 hours of coaching by one of the LSV Groups Master Black Belts.

Below, the following requirements must be met:

  • Ten theoretical tasks must be delivered, all of which must be approved by the LSV Group
  • You need to be a teacher of mine. Four days during a Green Belt gradient
  • You have to mine. Have coached five different Green Belts, which are in training
  • You must have participated in mine. Five oral project certifications by aspirating Green or Black Belts

Master Black Belt

Delivery tasks

  1. The history of Lehi, strengthens & weaknesses
  2. The history, strengths and weaknesses of Six Sigma
  3. What has Bill Smith, Jack Welch, Joseph Juran, Kaoru Ishikawa, Noriaki Kano & Taiichi Ohno meant for LEAN & Six Sigma, respectively
  4. What is and what does change management mean? Including the handling of resistance
  5. Synopsis of LEAN Thinking V/James P. Womack & Daniel T. Jones
  6. Synopsis of Six Sigma Breakthrougt and Beyond V/De Feo, Barnard
  7. Synopsis of The GE Way Fieldbook V/Robert Slater
  8. Synopsis of Execution V/Larry Bossidy & Ram Charan
  9. Case Study

The drop-off tasks are expected to be a minimum of 7,200 keystrokes (3 sealed pages) and a maximum of 10,000 keystrokes. The assignment shall cover the task described.

The student has 1 month for each shipment task approved/not approved. The student will get feedback on each task and they will be included in the general coaching course.

Coaching course with specific topics/literature
The Coaching process will take place monthly over 12 months. The student meets 2 hours each month where tasks are reviewed, areas discussed and literature discussed

Participation in Teaching

  • To prepare and implement 3 sections selected by LSV Group A/S at Green Belt Training
  • To prepare and implement 2 sections selected by LSV Group A/S at Black Belt Training

A section is selected as the student has 1 week to prepare. The student will need to teach this section on one of the LSV Group A/S defined Green Belt course. Subsequently, the section of MBB is evaluated where feedback is given.

Own coaching of 2-5 Green belt/Black belt-students
The student must support and help 2-5 students with their project work. The students are assigned by the LSV Group and it is expected that the student will make themselves available to LSV Group A/S course participants on the first Wednesday of each month of the training course. Here, the student will see how experienced Mbbs support the students, as well as the possibility of supporting and helping students.

Certification requirements When the above is satisfactorily implemented

  • 10 finished Projects-5 Green Belt and 5 Black Belt projects (of which 3 of each must be coached)
  • The exam concludes as a 4 hour review of the above and the student of the approval of minimum 2 Master Black Belts.
  • After than training, the student will receive a diploma and be registered with LSV Group A/S, as fully certified Master Black Belt.

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