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Are you surfing a busy wave, or do you miss the customers?

More than ever before, it is important that your core processes are executable, stable and capable of ensuring happy customers and employees, while achieving optimal profits and cash flow.

Have a look at our introductory courses that will give a head start.

Customer Focus with Process Centricity is key.

Are the customers happy?

Get this from your NPS score, your trust pilot, your customer inquiries and all other input you have from your customers. You should also have a look at the customer experience. Do they leave the store or webshop without a sale? Do they experience waiting time? Waiting lines? Is something sold out? Do you have longer delivery time? Other things?

Are the employees happy?

Do you remember to ask how the employees are doing? Are they happy with the new tasks and changed working methods that the crisis has given them? Are there clear expectations of the roles and responsibilities? Have they been working too hard for too long, and is the stress level too high? Do you have more people on sick leave?

How is the bottomline doing?

Can you see the ekstra hustle and bustle on the bottom line? Or is too a lot of it eaten up by the extra costs of overtime, equipment rental, temps or other costs? And what about the liquidity? Payments in and out?

Do just like 80% of the Fortune 100 companies!

There is a reason that 80% of the Fortune 100 companies utalize LEAN Six Sigma as leadership philosophy. When you combine  the philosophy behind LEAN and Six Sigma you will get an optimizing concept, that maximises productivity, profitability og growth by reduciing errors, time and waste in a process. We invite you to join our courses so you can see how.

We have developed a range of introduction courses, so you can pick the one or ones that makes most sense for you. There are two different versions of each course – one for managers and employees in organizations, and one for students and people on the jobmarket.  

See more information about the courses and dates hereunder.


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Introduction to LEAN SIX Sigma and the change proces

Gain insight in how to perform a thorough Root Cause analysis so you can get to the core of the challenges and treat the “disease” instead of the “symptoms”. This is where we really find the hidden gold that can create a big positive impact on the bottom line. You will be able to see how the processes can remain capable, and we also look at change management and communication.


(19/1-2021 – 09.00-12.00)
3/3-2021 – 13.00-16.00

Targeted students and people on the job market:

(19/1-2021 – 13.00-16.00)
3/3 2021 –  09.00-12.00

BPMS Business Process Management

One thing is to solve the problems that occur (reactive), something else is to control the everyday work and to react proactively before the problems (fire) occur. This is what the method Business Process Management System (BPMS) is made for. BPMS works with the toolbox from LEAN Six Sigma and is set to have Customer Focus with Process Centricity.


27/1-2021 – 09.00-12.00
11/3-2021 – 13.00-16.00

Targeted students and people on the job market:

27/1-2021 – 13.00-16.00
11/3 2021 – 09.00-12.00

FMEA Failure Mode Effect Analysis

FMEA is a unique tool for quality assurance of your products. You will get control of your products from the start of the production process. Say goodbye to mistakes and the fire-fighting culture in your organization – the fires will have more difficult conditions in your company with FMEA.


(3/2-2021 – 13.00-16.00)
16/3-2021 –  09.00-12.00

Targeted students and people on the job market:

(9/2-2021 –  09.00-12.00)
24/3 2021 – 13.00-16.00

DiSC Analysis

DiSC® profile analysis is an evidence-based method of understanding and acknowledging the different personality types we have. When you want to achieve your goals with process optimization, it is necessary to create the best conditions for it. And when you understand how to communicate and how to motivate the individual personality types, you will reach the goal faster.


(3/2-2021 – 09.00-12.00)
16/3-2021 – 13.00-16.00

Targeted students and people on the job market:

(9/2-2021 – 13.00-16.00)
24/3 2021 – 09.00-12.00

All the courses are LIVE online, will be held on Zoom and will not be recorded.

We encourage all participants to have the camera on during the entire duration of the course,
and that they have the ability to turn on the microphone as it is an interactive online course.

NOTE! The courses are held in English with a Danish instructor.

The introduction courses are free at the moment.
The normal price is DKK 3,000 per. course excl. VAT

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