Jesper Tyllesen

External Consultant

Jesper Tyllesen has more than 6 years of teaching experience from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where he is lecturing about Business Economics, Statistics and Project Management. He has a very data-driven approach where the statistical models and methods are used as a key driver within the process of process optimization.

In addition to his professional involvement at CBS, Jesper is head of the Service Management department at Atea, that work with optimizing the central ITIL processes in the Outsourcing division. His department facilitates all process training in the organization.


Prior to his work with the IT processes, he worked with supply strategy and supplier management for Atea, which resulted in a number of major savings by consolidating and simplifying the procurement processes.

Jesper has kept his knowledge up to date attending continuous education at the London School of Economices and Political Science (LSE). In addition to this he is IASSC Certified Green and Black Belt from LSV Group A/S.