Keynote about DiSC

Understand why you don’t understand and be understood. As you adapt your behaviour in relation to what you want to achieve, it’s easier for you to create the results you want, and achieve the goals that are important to you.

Keynote about DiSC

When you wish to be successful with your strategies, it is important to create the best conditions for it. New initiatives will always be followed by resistance – in fact, it’s a law of nature.

It is one of the things we focus on within LSV group. That is why we work with DiSC® Profile Analysis. It is an evidence-based approach to understanding and recognizing the different personality types we have.

With DiSC you can make sure to create the best conditions for communication, collaboration, and change management.

What is included in the price?

  • Two hours of keynote
  • Up to 25 participants

What do you get from introducing DiSC

  • Even better teamwork
  • An increased understanding in the workplace
  • Succeed with your goals and strategies
  • Find your own or your colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools to communicate strategically during a change

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Price DKK 15.000,- excl. VAT
(DKK 18.750,- incl. VAT)
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