We offer our LEAN games for companies that want a fun, inspiring and instructive approach to process optimization. The LEAN game is for employees and managers, and is based on realistic and recognizable scenarios.

Learn LEAN in a fun way

LSV Group’s LEAN game is a fun and constructive way to get to know LEAN. You and your workplace will experience theory and practice by working with LEAN through realistic and easily recognizable scenarios.

The goal of the game is to offer employees and managers a practical approach to processes and process optimization.

We will start the day with theory and an introduction to the basic concepts within LEAN. LEAN’s special background and culture are in focus, and examples from organizations are reviewed. At the same time, the students will be taught what good and bad optimization is. After that, you and your workplace will be challenged to optimize a process through the game.

You and your colleagues will learn to strengthen the collaboration across departments, and will you get an understanding of the different workflows that exist in your organization. At the same time, you and your colleagues will get a stronger knowledge of the customer’s journey through the company – and get increased attention to customer needs.

The game is focused on the administrative processes that exist in a company and that goes across the organization. Therefore, the game is particularly suitable for managers and employees who work in sales, service, finance, accounting or have general administrative tasks in everyday life.

The day will have a high mood and pace and concludes with concluding the learnings.

Buy LEAN Game

Price DKK 36,000 excl. VAT
(DKK 45,000 incl. VAT)
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Do you have questions about the LEAN game?

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You will get

  • Knowledge of what is absolutely essential for a process to work for the benefit of the customer or not
  • Specific LEAN tools for management and employees that can be applied directly after the game
  • Participants will get an experience of the importance of working across the organization (and not in silos)
  • Understanding the customer’s way throughout the organization
  • Enhanced cooperation across the organization
  • A lot of “aha” experiences that can be related directly back to your own organization
  • Inspiration on how your own optimization journey can/must be adjusted or started

What is included in the price?

  • Four hours of LEAN training
  • Three LEAN Exercises
  • Two sessions in which the LEAN game is completed
  • Full-day experience from KL. 9-17
  • Up to 16 participants


I have learned that it is really important to work across an organization and to include all the stakeholders.
-Per Skaaning, Project Manager, Vestjysk BANK

I think that was a good example to implement. The game has given me an understanding of how super important it is that we know about our process and that we understand what roles the various departments have in our organization. This is exactly what we need to do tomorrow to be able to work even smarter.
– Malene Berner-Magnusson, Head of Infrastructure, Handelsbanken

It has been absolutely amazing. The game is a super good opportunity to address it in the work-life. The thing that surprised me most was that the game is incredibly close to reality. The game is relevant to decision-makers and to people who are responsible for making improvements at home in the organization. Show up with an open mindset and find yourself challenged on your own attitudes and habits.
– Flemming Hansen, process Manager, BEC