Black Belt

The e-course at the Black Belt level is for individuals who requires an in-depth tutorial on LEAN Six Sigma’s quality work.

Black e-Course

This is an extension to the Green Belt course. The student will be tested in various theories, for example, the DMAIC model, mathematical principles and much more.

What is included in the price?

  • 12 months online access to educational material
  • 12 months support from a Master Black Belt trainer
  • 10 x VIP Invitation to LEAN Six Sigma Network and support days
  • 1 free LEAN Six Sigma Pocket Guide (value DKK 349)
  • 1 x License for Sigma XL – Statistical software (value DKK 1,750)
  • IAASC-Accredited material
  • Online exam and test module before graduation
  • Diploma of passed e-learning course
  • Access to the newsroom with articles about LEAN Six Sigma
  • Templates and data

Learnings from the Black Belt e-Course

You will get an online study, where you will learn a number of theories and methods that guarantee the ability to implement significant improvements in your organization.

You will get statistical and other practical tasks relating to Green Belts, enabling you to lead and implement larger and more complex projects where data and change are in focus. At the same time, the study package offers you skills to become a mentor and tutor for the organizations Yellow Belts and Green Belts.

After completing the training, there will be an online exam. Once you pass, you will receive a diploma from LSV Group, proving that you have completed and passed the e-Course on Black Belt level.

The expected time is about 60 hours.

Do you have questions about the E-courses?

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Examples from the structure and content of the course


You will be challenged with small quizzes that tests your knowledge. This question is about what is NOT characteristic of a successful project group.


Like Green Belt you’ll learn the different diagrams. Here, it is a so-called ‘spaghetti diagram’. A LEAN tool that is designed to visualize a physical/digital flow in a process.


You will learn to look at the ability of the process to deliver what the customer expects.


Here you can see a variable Measurement System Analysis (MSA) that ensures that your data is valid.


Here you must work to calculate the ability of the process to deliver in relation to the customer’s requirements and expectations.


Here you will see an overview of what you are going through in the ‘ improve ‘ phase. One of the things that differs from the Black Belt and Green Belt is that you spend significantly more time working with the DOE (Designed Experiments), which is about finding an optimal setting for your process.


Here you will see ten steps in Planning a DOE (Designed Experiments) and how to find an optimal setting for your process.


Of course, you also need to work with data. Here, for example, you’ll learn how to work with ‘ Xbar S-Charts ‘, where you work with sequential data such as height, length, price, etc., which should be plotted with standard deviation in your sub-group. The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to check whether a process is in control as well as through control charts to be able to see if the process is going out of control (proactivity).


Like the Yellow Belt and Green Belt, you will receive a final exam and you will get a diploma from the LSV Group when you pass your e-course exam.

Customer Benefits

LSV Group’s e-Courses are really easy to use. The thing that has surprised me most has been the quality of the material and the navigation on the site.

It has contributed to my projects by providing me with tools that are great to work with – it is a big success.

You can use it at home, you can use it on the train. Once you’ve selected a lesson, you can click around within the topics in each lesson. And the quiz – I am crazy about it.

Lone Cardow
Senior Consultant
Nets Danmark A/S

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