Measurement of Effect and Business Cases

A successful project requires two key elements – a solid business case and a skilled project manager who can set up some good measurements of the effects, which show the project status and results.

Business Case

A carefully prepared business case is crucial in the selection of future optimization and change projects. Business cases provide a short and concise overview of the project that is presented and show the advantages of implementing the project and the disadvantages of not implementing it.

LSV Group assists in preparing business cases to ensure that the project will be a success. We assist managing the project in line with the business case and manage all elements associated with the changes that will follow anny optimization project. We will be a sparring partner and advisor for the company’s project manager whilst the project is underway.

When doing preparations, it can be a good idea to implement measurements of the effects. That will ensures that the selection of the projects is based on documented analyses.

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Measurements of effect

Measurements of effect give a clear overview of how successful the project has been. The measurements can be multifarious, but a common factor is that they say something about the improvements achieved.

Easy measurable improvements:

  • Defect rate (how many defects a process delivers)
  • The quality and efficiency of products and services
  • Backflow
  • Resources involved
  • Complaints
  • Customer requirements and whether the company lives up to them or not
  • The individual employee utilization
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction surveys)
  • Flow times (how quickly a service is delivered / or how quickly an item is produced)

Difficult measurable improvements:

  • Culture Change
  • Employee skills
  • Image on the market