Our work with LEAN and the LEAN-model

LEAN is mainly about being able to identify and eliminate waste and non-value added activities in a company processes, services and products.

8 Types of Waste

The traditional LEAN mindset is working with seven types of waste, but at LSV Group we recommend also looking an eighth element: Talent. Talent is all about having the right people for the right job. Do not have over- or underqualified talent. The eight types of waste that we work with at LSV Group are:

We facilitate and do LEAN projects for our customers and our finest task is to ask all the right questions, so the eight elements are exposed and optimized.

The LEAN-model

LSV Group facilitates and conducts workshops in companies that can provide this knowledge, so there is a basis to optimize processes. The LEAN methodology consists of five phases that have to be carried out in chronological order:

Expected Results

If companies have not previously completed process optimizations with LEAN or other heavy methods, our experience of the following results should be achievable:

  • Efficiency/productivity should increase by 20 percent for selected processes that have not previously undergone significant process optimization implementations
  • Number of errors and/or complaints should decrease by a minimum of 50% within the first year, for services or products that have previously created dissatisfied “Customers/Users” and where a handling has not been executed yet
  • Customer AND employee satisfaction should increase by a minimum of 25 per cent over a two-year period, as a result of better working conditions

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