Our work With Six Sigma

Six Sigma is about reducing defects and variation in the company’s processes. This is done by identifying the critical X’s relevant to the quality that the company supplies to their customers.

The equation in Six Sigma is Y = f (x)

Y = f(x) is fundamentally about focusing and running your business in variable measurements, and abandoning considerations of averages and percentages, since no customer feels or experiences the average. The average hides and offsets the company’s actual performance, so that management does not actually know what they are delivering to their customers.

Six Sigma translates loosely as “capacity” and is a scale of measurement in fixed units such as degrees Celsius, isobars, watts, etc. The capacity is measured in units called DPMO = Defects Per Million Opportunities, which is an indication of how your business is operating qualitatively.

Striving for the optimum level of 3.4 defects per million possible tasks performed, which corresponds to a capacity of 6 sigma, which is where the name Six Sigma comes from.

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Six Sigma

What X’s are the most important ones?

When our consultants work with Six Sigma, they take the strategic objectives that the company has and, based on these, they find out what is important to measure and to be in control of.

The company’s strategic objectives are essential for the processes that are being worked on and which measurements need to be established to follow the success with implementation of the strategy.

We look at the X’s that have the greatest significance for process quality and continue working on them to ensure more consistency and more quality in the company’s output, in order to achieve Six Sigma quality.

We structure the projects with the internationally recognised DMAIC model. You can read more about DMAIC here.


Why measure the "Six Sigma way"?

Many companies measure on average, but it can often conceal important facts. Fx by measuring via Six Sigma it will bring you much clearer results.

Fx it is disastrous for our drinking water in, for misoperations and for aviation safety if it is slightly below the Six Sigma quality (3.4 faults per million options).

99 = 3.8 Sigma

– Contaminated drinking water 15 minutes every day

– 5,000 misoperations every week

– 2 daily emergency landings at major airports;

99.99967 = 68 Sigma

– Contaminated drinking water 1 minute every month

– 1.7 misoperations every week

– 1 emergency landing every 5. year in major airports