Martin Holt

Senior Consultant

For more than 15 years, Martin has been working with LEAN Six Sigma as a toolbox in his work on process optimization.

Including in particular “Service Excellence” and “Customer Experience”.

Martin has a past from GE, where he, as one of the first in Denmark, was educated in the LEAN Six Sigma methods. It was a universe that Martin mastered so well that he later became a teacher of GE and educated a large group of the Danish resources that currently operate on the Danish market-many of them in managerial positions.

Today, Martin is one of the LSV group’s strong consultants when it comes to customer experiences, streamlining processes and business optimization with LEAN Six Sigma. He uses the concepts to help companies create durable and robust processes.


Martin always works closely with the management to ensure that it is clear to the organization, why the implementations are important, what they will contribute and what can be expected.

The huge operational LEAN Six Sigma experience in senior positions through the last 15 years, makes Martin an important sparring partner when strategic decisions and actions are to be implemented in Danish and international companies.


Martin’s experience from managerial positions enables him to see the challenges of management and the Executive Board. This makes him a powerful resource when optimizations and changes are to be implemented.

With Martin on the team it maintains focus on the customer and the business.