Svend Kristiansen

Regional Manager-Jutland

Svend is LSV Group’s regional manager, who has the main responsibility for LEAN Six Sigma training on Funen and Jutland.

With his 20 years of experience with quality, project management and optimization, Svend is a skilled competency for LSV Group educations.

Svend is a certified Black Belt from LSV Group and IASSC and is passionate about production and quality assurance.

He also has CQI/IRCA certificate to be the Lead Auditor in QMS ISO 9001:2015.

Svend is heavily grounded in the theoretical world, which is reflected in his many educations and courses. Combined with his many years of experience in manufacturing and engineering, he has the ability to convey and solve complex challenges in the industrial world.

Svend has worked in large companies such as Velux and Triax and therefore understands how to engage in hierarchical organizations where there can be long decision-making processes, which makes him valuable when we work with large solid manufacturing companies.

Svend has carried out several assignments at an international level in most of Europe as well as in China. Here he has completed supplier approvals, follow-up meetings and has been responsible for problem solutions at all levels. He has also implemented projects with the implementation of new management systems and optimization projects.

Svends theoretical and practical experience in the industrial world enables him to connect theory to practice. He is skilled in creating a common language that both the management and the employers understand and work from.