Terms of trade

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of goods and services on www.lsvgroup.com. VATno DK30175840 Borupvang 3, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark, +45 88 77 60 06, info@lsvgroup.com.

Terms and conditions for e-courses

Terms of the licensing agreement of the right of the consumer, and access to e-courses on www.lsvgroup.com, study.lsvgroup.com and lsvgroup.studysixsigma.com. Licensee hereby buys a temporary license for a specific selected e-course module.


  1. This license agreement shall apply in respect of all matters relating to the use of LSV Group’s e-course module as described in the product description on the website (hereinafter the “Product”) via online access to the server on which the LSV Group’s software is installed.


  1. LSV Group A/S has the copyright and any other rights to the software and service as well as user interface, images, sound, video, animation, text and other media, which are incorporated or used in the product.
  2. Licensee is assigned a limited, non-transferable right to use the Product.
  3. Licensee may only use the Product as teaching and information for his own use and may not reproduce copy, transfer or otherwise utilize the product for commercial purposes, if this is not approved in writing by LSV Group A/S.
  4. The right of use is personal and cannot be shared with others. The purchased license is available four months from the date of purchase.
  5. Licensee is not entitled to sell, rent, loan, permit the use, or otherwise transfer or license the rights to a third party.


  1. LSV Group A/S strives to maintain an uptime of 100% for online access. This is achieved by using stable servers with 24-hour service and daily backups.
  2. LSV Group A/S optimizes the educational material continuously as new scientific knowledge emerges. New versions and updates of the teaching material is available at no additional charge to Licensee in the license period, see. Section. 13th.
  3. LSV Group A/S shall not be liable for failure of or lack of access to the website, breakdown of power or Internet connection, vandalism in the system (both physical as well as computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal information or other facts and circumstances that is beyond the control of LSV Group A/S.


  1. All prices are in Danish kroner excluding tax / VAT.
  2. The services can be paid by VISA credit card via the webshop at LSV Group’s website.
  3. Delivery of license right discerned to have been made and accepted by the Licensee when LSV Group A / S forwarded login information to Licensee. This removes the licensee’s right of withdrawal under Consumer Contracts, see. Section. 12.1
  4. Fees for other services or products access to the LSV Group A/S’s e-learning, including the detection and troubleshooting, as licensee shall be responsible for, billed on the basis of LSV Group A/S`s list prices.


  1. If the Licensee is detecting anything missing or faulty by the product, Licensee shall immediately forward a written complaint containing detailed description of the error and description of the error consequence Licensee’s use.
  2. If a file is damaged or does not work, Licensee are to claim this within a reasonable time.
  3. LSV Group A/S liability for defects is always and in every situation limited to – after LSV Group A/S choice – to make the delivery, remedy or by informing the licensee a proportionate reduction in the price. The licensee cannot claim damages of any kind, including compensation for consequential damage or other indirect losses.


  1. LSV Group A/S owns and holds all copyright and any other intellectual property rights to the Product.
  2. The licensee is not entitled to break or modify any security and source codes, like the licensee is not entitled to change or remove entries in the software , trademark or similar and unjustified to copy the product either completely or partially.
  3. The information and data provided by LSV Group A/S in connection with the service belongs to LSV Group A / S. The licensee is not entitled to reproduce or copy such information, except as necessary for Licensee’s use of the service.


  1. Online access to the course module provided by LSV Group A/S with the features and content that is shown in the product description provided on the website.
  2. LSV Group A / S has carried out testing of the Service before delivery. It can not be excluded that the service – like other software-based products – contains minor errors. All errors are corrected as soon as possible, and an updated version will then be made available online.
  3. LSV Group A / S shall in no event be liable for the use of the product, and LSV Group A/S is in no case responsible for: – The product meets the Licensee’s requirements, expectations and needs, and-the product is error-free, accessible, correct, accurate, updated, secure, delivered on time or may be used for the specified purpose.
  4. LSV Group A / S is not liable for any direct loss, consequential damages, including lost profits, lost profit and indirect losses to Licensee or third parties due to errors in product or arising out of use of the product.
  5. The content of the product cannot replace traditional classroom training.
  6. The product only serves as information purposes and does not describe exhaustively the subjects chosen.


  1. LSV Group A/S is product liable under the provisions of the Product Liability Act, which cannot be waived from by this agreement. LSV Group A/S shall not be liable for product damage on any other basis.
  2. The licensee is required to give written notification LSV Group A/S if the Licensee becomes aware that there have been losses forsaken by the delivered product or that third party claims that it has caused such damage or threat that there will be such harm.


  1. LSV Group A/S is entitled to refer to the Licensee or the Product in LSV Group A/S´s own marketing material.
  2. Personal information is stored for a maximum of five years after the last transaction with the Licensee. No registered personal information is disclosed to third parties in any form at any time, except in accordance with requirements of the law or as otherwise required by government agencies.


  1. A party is without liability to the other party in case of force majeure. Force majeure is defined among other terms as war and mobilization, natural disasters, strikes, lockouts, fire, breakdown of electricity or telecommunications networks, delayed or defective deliveries from subcontractors, damage to production facilities, computer virus, incapacitation of key personnel, import and export restrictions and other circumstances beyond the affected party’s control.


  1. If either party commits a material breach of its obligations under this license agreement, the other party may terminate the agreement.
  2. LSV Group A/S is always entitled without notice to terminate the agreement if the licensee uses the service or for proliferation or assisting the spread of viruses, spyware, or other malicious code or other acts in violation of Danish or foreign legislation.
  3. At LSV Group A/S cancellation and / or interruption of access to the product the Licensee is not entitled to refusal or remuneration in the period specified or refund of prepaid fees.


  1. Licensee agrees when ordering this e-learning program that withdrawal applies to the Consumer Contracts Act § 17, see. Consumer Contracts Act § 20 paragraph. 3, no. 2. The Licensee shall be deemed by the acceptance of the terms of trade to have given his explicit consent to the renunciation of the right of withdrawal. The licensee can not after a purchase regret his order.
  2. The agreement is limited to the order confirmation specified time interval. This Agreement shall terminate automatically upon the expiration of this time interval.
  3. Upon termination of this License, Licensee is required to stop using the product and after LSV Group A/S´s instructions either to return or destroy material belonging LSV Group A/S.
  4. Changes in these terms and conditions will be published on LSV Group A/S website.


  1. Any dispute between LSV Group A/S and Licensee shall be settled under Danish law. This does not apply to private international law under Danish legislation.
  2. Any dispute shall be settled by the City Court in Copenhagen as venue. The parties agree to request that the District Court on possible accession by expert judges.


  1. When ordering a license electronically via the website, Licensee has agreed to purchase the license as specified in the order. LSV Group A/S will then send confirmation to Licensee per. mail with the information necessary to log in to the website.

Terms and conditions for books and educations

1. Payment and Payment

  1. We accept payment by credit card, VISA-Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, Eurocard and Diners Club. When selling to companies and institutions, we withdraw the amount immediately, even if the product not of shipped.
    All prices are totals excluding Danish VAT of 25%.
    Prices are quoted in Danish kroner. On top of the price will be added the price of freight. You choose type of freight at the end of the ordering process.
  2. Billing Customer
    Companies and institutions can apply to act as invoice customers. There can only be traded as invoice customer if a company is public (institution, school and the like), an ApS or a A / S and has existed for at least two years. We reserve the right to reject an application to become an invoice customer without further justification.
  3. Reminder fee / interest
    If payment is not timely a reminder will be charged with an added late fee of DKK 100 per. reminder. If payment is not settled after the 3rd reminder, we will hand over the requirement to a collection agency, and there are charges in accordance with the law. Late payments imposed further interest according to the Interest Act provisions.
  4. General discounts
    We provide discounts to all customers in the form of various campaigns. If there is a discount on a product, the discount will already be reflected in the price displayed on lsvgroup.com. In this way, the price you see is always “Your price”. This follows guidelines from the Consumer “Ombudsmand”.
  5. Delivery
    The delivery time is shown by each product. The order will be sent as one/all goods together, when all goods are received at our warehouse. This means that we are waiting for all the products ordered have arrived at our warehouse before we ship the order. It can be an advantage for you to make separate orders for goods that have not yet been published or has longer or unknown delivery.
  6. Delivery Form
    We deliver the goods by Post Nord and other shipping companies that operates in Denmark. We ship worldwide. Delivery abroad takes place with UPS and Post Nord.


  1. You have the right to cancel/withdraw your order without giving reasons for it within 10 days.

    The withdrawal period will expire 10 days after the day when you or another person you have chosen (not carrier), get the goods in physical possession.
    If you have ordered several items in one order, and we cannot deliver the goods at the same time, the withdrawal period starts from you or another person you have chosen (not the carrier) has the last good in physical possession.
    If the period expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitution Day, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve deadline is extended to the following business day.

  2. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal
    There are no options to return og cancellation on books, if the packaging has been opened. Courses and educations that have start-up within 45 days of your purchase can not be cancelled or withdrawn.

  3. How you utilize the right of withdrawal
    To cancel an order, you only have to inform us by mail or phone. For example, you can send a letter or an e-mail Where you state that you wish to cancel. You can write to info@lsvgroup.com or LSV Group A / S, Borupvang 3, 2750 Ballerup.
    The cancellation deadline is met if you send your message before the withdrawal period has expired.
  4. Return of the product
    If you regret your purchase, the goods must be returned to:
    LSV Group A/S
    Borupvang 3
    2750 Ballerup
    You must pay for returning the goods. Returns must be made without undue delay and within 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to cancel your purchase. The deadline is met if you send back the goods before the expiry of the 14 days. Goods cannot be sent by. COD or without delivery. When returning goods to us, you should make sure that the goods are securely wrapped. You are responsible for the package / goods until we receive it. Therefore, always store postal receipt and if possible a tracking number. You must pay for the costs associated with the return when you cancel your purchase.
  5. Repayment of money
    When you cancel, we will refund all payments received from you, including any delivery costs.
    If you have selected a delivery form that is more expensive than the cheapest form of delivery that we offer, you do not get the additional expense refunded.
    We reimburse without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date we receive your notice of withdrawal. We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence that the goods are returned.
    We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any case, it may be subject to any fees as a result of the reimbursement.
  6. Documentation of your purchase and return form
    You must attach a copy of the order confirmation or other evidence of your purchase.
  7. Testing of the product and packaging
    You are only liable for a possible loss of product value, resulting from the handling of the product beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and the way it works.
    You can usually check the goods in the same way that one can and must in a local store, but do not take it into use. If you have used it in a way, that you should not have done, and it results in the fact, that we cannot sell it, or cannot sell it at full price again, you have to assume that we deduct the depreciation in the amount we will reimburse to you. If the product no longer has a commercial value, we will not refund the purchase amount at all.

3. COMPLAINTS – If there is something wrong with the goods

Your purchase is covered by the Sale of Goods Act. This means that you can either have a faulty product repaired or replaced, refund or reduction in price, depending on the specific situation. It is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not caused by incorrect use of the product or other injurious behavior.
You can complain about defects in the goods within 24 months from delivery date by contacting us at e-mail info@lsvgroup.com or telephone +45 88 77 60 06.
Returning a defective or faulty product must be made by prior contact with LSV Group, which provides for sending a prepaid return form. We ask you as much detail as possible indicate what the problem is.

4. Information on redress

  1. A complaint about a product or service purchased from us may be submitted to the Competition and Consumer Authority’s Center for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsen Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Center for Complaint Resolution via www.forbrug.dk.
    European Commission’s online complaint portal can also be used when filing a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints lodged here http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

Terms and conditions for Consultancy Services

1. Conditions in general

  1. Present terms and conditions is a part of any agreement with LSV Group A/S (hereafter termed “LSV”) and the customer regarding the delivery of consulting services.
  2. Indications from the customer of specific terms in tender documents, order et cetera is not seen as deviation from the agreement and terms indicated below, unless LSV in written has accepted this.
  3. An agreement can either be a contract, an email or other written accept from the customer on the offer made by LSV.

2. The service

  1. The services and obligations of LSV are described in the agreement or received presentation.
  2. The service is being delivered in accordance with the agreement and the terms indicated below. With regard to deviations between the agreement and below mentioned terms, the agreement will be in evidence.

3. Involvement of the customer

  1. The customer is obligated to put the necessary information’s, material and resources at the disposal of LSV.
  2. Specific term and condition has to be written into and approved in the agreement.


4. Fee

  1. The fee for the service appears from the agreement. The fee is either agreed-upon a fixed fee or a fee, which is determined on actual time spend.
  2. LSV adjust its fees every 1. of January. The regulation has impact on work started after this date. If an agreement is running from one year to another, the fee can be regulated.
  3. Apart from the mention fee in article 4.1, LSV is billing expenses to travels, stay and transport separately to the customer.

5. Terms and conditions of payment

  1. At the end of every month LSV forward the statement from the previous period, unless other wised agreed.
  2. All payment has to be done electronic:

    Bank information:
    Klampenborgvej 221, 1.floor
    DK – 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

    Payment information:
    Reg: 0895 Konto: 1012735
    IBAN – DK7908950001012735
    ACCOUNT – 08950001012735

  3. The payment has to be placed no later than 30 days from the billing date. If the payment is not punctual, a charge added to a reminder will be imposed as well as default interest on 10,5% from due date of the invoice until the payment is registered at LSV account.


6. Employees et cetera

  1. In the agreement it is mentioned who is the responsible partner from LSV and who the responsible leading employee from the customer is.
  2. The involved parties are committed to refuse to hire neither employees from the other party nor the other party’s customers, who in any way is involved in the Service, valid from one year after the currency of the Agreement.
  3. In the case where a steering committee is being set up to develop or implement the Service, all decision about how the development or implementation of the Service has to proceed, has to be decided by the steering committee.

7. Declaration of secrecy

  1. LSV and the customer are obligated to keep the information’s they receive and learn about one another regarding the other party’s organization or the other party’s customer secret. The obligation includes information’s of any technical or commercial sort.
  2. LSV and the customer are furthermore committing themselves to instruct their employees, who are participating in the Service, to keep the same level of secrecy.
  3. Moreover LSV and the customer are committed not to use or pass on the information mention in article 7.1 after the termination of the agreement. The commitment stands as long as the information’s have a character of trade secret.

8. External assistance

  1. As far as LSV finds it necessary, LSV is entitle, with the writing approval from the customer, to engage subcontractors to carry out the Service.

9. Rights

  1. The customer has the right of use material, which appears as a part of the execution of the Service, including the final material. This on the other hand does not include any products or methods used in combination with the execution of the Service, and who belong to LSV. The work of LSV can’t be distributed to other than the customer as well as advisors of the latter without previous written approval from LSV.
  2. LSV has the ownership of any sort of material, which is emerging as a part of the execution of the Service, including the final material and the temporary material (ex. Sketches, drafts, working paper or similar). All immaterial rights to the result of the Service and eventual partial result belong to LSV.
  3. It falls on LSV to make the necessary steps to secure immaterial rights towards third party’s violation.
  4. LSV do not accept any responsibility for other parties, who profit by or use the Service or obtain access to the Service. The customer commits themselves to compensate LSV for any obligations, loss, expense or other cost, as LSV reasonably must suffer in regarding to the demands on LSV from any parties as well as demands on LSV as a result of the customers violation of the agreement.
  5. In case of the result of the Service is being used for other reasons than the purpose of the agreement, LSV are being eligible to a separate fee, which is being set individually in every case. The customer is obligated to notify LSV about any such intended use and the fee will decay contemporary with the beginning of the extended use.

10. Communication though electronic post (e-mail)

  1. The parties may wish to communicate electronically by e-mail during the execution of the service. Exchange of information though e-mail can’t however be guarantee to be neither secure nor faultless and there is a risk that such information’s are being intercept, washed-out, be lost, be destroyed, reach the recipient to late or is being imperfect or in any other way is being influenced in a negative way or is unsecure to use. Therefore the parties are committed to use commercial safe procedure to secure the communication from any of the most commend spread virus as well as secure the integrity of the data, before any information is being send to the recipient, while both parties recognize that any procedure cannot guarantee that the data which is being send is free from virus.
  2. The receiver of the e-mail is still required to conduct a virus check of the received material before opening the documents, whatever it is received on a disc or otherwise.

11. Responsibility

  1. LSV do not guarantee that any immaterial rights, which appear during the solution of the assignment, do not violate third party’s rights.
  2. LSV is not responsible for any mistakes in the final material, which can be ascribed to any of the customer delivered material or information from the customer, cf. article 3.0.
  3. LSV do not accept any responsibility for any loss suffer from the customer, which is a direct consequence of our lacking compliance of this agreement or showed negligent in connection with the execution of the assignment as written in the agreement. Our total fee in such losses cannot overcome the amount corresponding to three times the fee of LSV according to the agreement, and it lie with the customer to document any loss.
  4. LSV do not accept any responsibility or obligation towards other people, who gets possession of the Service without our approval.
  5. LSV is not liable for damages regarding any consequential loss including operational loss, loss in profit and other implicit loss, the customer suffer due to a defect in the conducted assignment.

12. Violation

  1. In case one of the parties violate their obligations according to the Service and/or these terms and conditions significant, the other party is qualify for dissolve the agreement without notification.
  2. The cancellation may only occur, if the violation has not been closed down within 14 days after the mailing of the written claim. The claim should outline the reason for the violation and that the agreement will be cancelled, if the condition is not legitimate before the termination of the agreement.
  3. In case of significant violation, one part is entitled to fee according to normal rights of the Danish law, cf. furthermore article 11.0 regarding responsibility.

13. Termination of the present agreement or cancelation

  1. The agreement may be terminated from both parties with a 2 months’ notice. Only written terminations are accepted, and will terminate at the end of the month. Agreements with a duration of 10 og fever days of consulting services cannot be terminated.
  2. I case of a termination LSV will receive a fee for the already planed assistant until the end of the notice period, and the customer is entitled to keep the part of the Service, which is received until this point.
  3. In case of the need to cancel or change an already planed assistant this can be done with a 30 days notices, but if LSV do not have the opportunity to offer a fee day in the current month, the day will no longer apply, but the fee maintain.

14. Twists

  1. Any disagreement or twist between the parties regarding the understanding of the agreement and/or these conditions is being decided through use of Danish law by arbitration, unless the violated party chooses to use the common court. A case of arbitration has to be conducted in accordance with “Regulations for the hearing of cases by the common court of arbitration in Denmark”.