Welcome to the New Normal

Most organizations face a reality that looks very different from what it did before the Corona crisis hit us – and now we need to work within the new normal.
There are a lot of new questions that organizations and the c-level management need to address.
How will you restart your organization?
What do you need to address with regard to the processes and terms that have changed – maybe forever?
How will you secure the best possible start of the new reality for customers and employees?
Risk management and Process Control is essential…
It is really not rocket science.

LSV Group offers two effective and value-adding concepts, that can help you and your company up and running again – with happier customers and a safe base for the employees.

With only a few resources and some focused work the tools Failure Mode Effect Analysis – FMEA, and Business Process Management System BPMS will optimize your quest for success in the new normal.

Contact us to get more information on how we can help or inspire you in these challenging times. We will provide you with simple techniques that surely will strengthen and restart your organization.

How do you navigate in times of crisis?

The simple answer is: You navigate exactly like in all other situations!

But the horizon has become significantly shorter. And that then you must act differently as a company manager or owner.

New times require new processes.

We can’t do as we have always done!

Welcome to “The New Normal”. Have you considered what this means to your processes? It is now your process skills, -control and -knowledge, as well as your and your organization’s willingness to change, must deliver!

Change and good communication!

Times of crisis require change and change requires good communication!​

Are you sure you are understood – or are you speaking only from your own point of view?


Is your business equipped for the crisis?

And for the aftermath?

Times of crisis set very high demands for your company’s competitiveness. More than ever before, it is important that your core processes are executable, stable and capable, to ensure happy customers and employees while achieving optimal profit and cashflow.