This is why you should choose LSV GROUP!

With an education from LSV Group, students can achieve a minimum gain of DKK 45,000 per participant, which can be seen directly on the bottom line.

With a LSV Group education, the student must earn DKK 100,000 (EUR 13,385) for Green Belts and DKK 250,000 (EUR 33,458) for Black Belts for the company to be nominated for the certification exam through his educational project.

The average of earnings on educational projects is

DKK 1,108,168 per trainee (EUR 163,272)

for our Green Belt students.

The largest educational project to date is at

DKK 1.6 million (EUR 235,736)


As an employer, you will achieve an employee who, with a great knowledge of processes and optimizations, wich will be a great asset to the organization and will be able to generate big savings for the organization many years ahead.

As part of the education, participants will get coaching and achieves a completely new approach to business and process culture, as well as understanding process optimization, which will create high value for the organization in the future.

All our educations are internationally certified and accredited, and that is a guarantee of quality and sovereign competences for your organization.

If you want an employee that can produce positive results in terms of higher earnings, less waste and variation in processes, happier customers and more satisfied employees, send your employees to a LEAN Six Sigma education at LSV Group. We ensure that our students can translate the learned theory into practice from day one.

At LSV Group you get a total flow for one total price:

  • Personal start-up meetings, so that the student is ready for the education.
  • Help for the student’s project between the modules
  • Tools to get through the training
  • Software used in teaching and that is essential for implementing projects. The software remains the property of the student after graduation
  • Monthly support day where the student can get in and get coaching and guidance for the project
  • Follow-up after completion of the theory course, that ensures the implementation of the project and the organizations’s ROI
  • Effective organization
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Happy Employees
  • Bottom line growth
  • Stable deliveries
  • Better image
  • Healthier working environment
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Fewer errors
  • Fewer sick days
  • Less cost
  • Less waste
  • Fewer withdrawals
  • Reduces variation

With Lean and Six Sigma competent employees, you can mobilize your business from being reactive to becoming proactive.

By being proactive, you can maintain or increase your earnings despite market fluctuations, and increasing expectations from an increasingly demanding customer profile.

Lean Six Sigma enhances your competitiveness through stable and delivery-strong processes.