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LEAN Workout

LEAN Workout is a quick fix that lasts and can optimize your processes with a minimum of 20. The goal is a big yield with little effort, and together with our LEAN consultants, we find waste in processes that do not increase the customer experience.

LEAN Workout

I think most of us are dreaming that our problems can quickly be fixed or that we can learn quickly. However, it is not always the case that the world is screwed together that way-but in some cases, it is actually possible.
For example, if we look at self-defence from the world of combat, the cornerstone is that you should be able to learn to defend yourself, with the least possible training.

The most effective self-defense works best when you can defend yourself with the least possible training. It’s a bit of the same philosophy we use when we make a LEAN Workout. You get a great yield with the least effort possible.

With the support of one of our LEAN consultants, we join you in search of the waste that is in the process that does not increase the customer experience. And we can design a new process with you in just 3 days, where it is our experience that you will expect at least 20 improvement.

Optimizing existing Processes + concrete LEAN tools = teaching based on your specific challenges and a process that is ready for implementation.

What is included in the price?

  • 2-hour start-up meeting
  • 3 days LEAN Workout (LWO)
  • 2-hour follow-up meeting

Do you have questions about LEAN workout?

Phone: +45 88 77 60 06

E-mail:  info@lsvgroup.com

The benefits of a LEAN Workout

  • Fast results and high employee involvement
  • Clarifying the existing process seen with the customer’s eyes as it is handled across all departments today
  • Design of the long-term process so that all participants in the LWO get the same picture of the vision of the process
  • Designing a new process based on the current weaknesses in the existing process
  • Catalogue of stakes that can be readily executed and thus create quick effects for customers or productivity
  • Kick-start work with customer focus and improvements
  • Cooperation and involvement of all departments in the process

The benefits of a LEAN Workout

  • Removed scrap
  • Reduced errors
  • Released resources
  • Optimized the process
  • Re-Designed process
  • Focus on the good customer experience
  • Process design that’s ready for deployment
  • Expect at least 20 optimized volume

Buy LEAN Workout

Price kr. 49,500,-Excl. VAT
(DKK 61,750,-incl. VAT)

Please note that the price is exclusive and optional. Stay for the instructor

Write on salg@lsvgroup.com to order

6 Sharp about LEAN Workout

Here you can get an insight into why LEAN Workout is a good investment.

1st argument


A LEAN Workout-LWO is based on what creates value for the customer. We are looking for waste (waste), which is the elements in the process that do not add value.

It is a structured and systematic approach that sets the framework for how to develop rapid and sustained improvements in the organisation’s processes. And it gives an impressive quick overview.

2. Argument


The Lean Workouten is a very visual experience. The process is being re-created with post-its, and as a rule, all walls in the room are involved to visualize the flow.

It’s really an eye opener and it’s always interesting to see the bosses ‘ reaction when they get through the process and the challenges it gives of one of the key characters. It always creates a high level of commitment and a great willingness to change the process.

3rd argument


As consultants and educators, unfortunately, too often experience a lot of work being done in silos.

The different departments are not always fully aware of what happens before or after they have performed their own tasks. Nor do they always know the consequences of errors for the customers or the other departments.

4. Argument


The LWO process starts with the provision of a specific task clearly anchored in the strategy.

Thereafter, the key persons and decision-makers to be involved are identified and the relevant data collected.

The LEAN Workouten is a carefully orchestrated process that aims to capture all relevant information, prioritize, select and carefully document it so that it results in a realistic and achievable action plan.

5. Argument


All the key features and thus those who are the experts in the process and who have the best qualified improvement suggestions are put together in the Workouten.

In this way, we will be able to design the process immediately when the entire value chain is in play at the same time.

There should be no time waiting for answers from one or the other, because everyone is gathered in the room.

6. Argument


Martin Holt, an expert in implementing our LEAN Workouts, says: “I once saw that one of the managers in the company had designed a new packing table for the team in the warehouse to make their work easier and very efficient.

When the packing table was finished and the team was about to work on the table, it didn’t function at all. Why? Because the key characters were not involved in the design.

The chief had, after all, designed the package table with the best intention, but he had forgotten to involve the key characters who always hold valuable expert knowledge that is often not known to the management.

The reason why LWO works so well is that it very much involves the key characters, so it is their expert knowledge that forms the basis of the new process design. “

How do we do that?

A LWO consists of a mix of teaching theory and practical work on the processes that the company wants to optimize. An LWO clarifies the current process, designs the future process and prepares the effort catalogue which changes the process forward-looking. Lean takes as its starting point the customer’s experience of the process. The focal point is to eliminate waste in the process so that all steps in the process create value from the customer’s perspective.

1st Step

Preliminary meeting and review of the process and its success criteria. Reviewing existing data and possibly. Setting up measurements 1 month before the LEAN Workouten is completed.

2nd Step

3 day workshop with the involvement of at least one key employee from each department involved in the process.

3rd Step

Presentation to the leader group of the current process and the attendant challenges. Design of the future process and approval of the effort catalogue so that activities can be started immediately after the completion of the LEAN Workouten.

4 steps

Follow-up meeting 1 month after the LWO with review of the process and the experience and results it has given.